About Sandy Spring Gardens


We work with the owners of land in eastern Montgomery County, Maryland

  • to convert lawns and commodity-crop fields into productive vegetable gardens

  • to provide for people living nearby a reliable source of hyper-fresh vegetables

  • to promote sustainable growing practices that restore the health of soil, water, and air

  • to free the local environment of toxic pesticides and synthetic chemical fertilizers

  • to reduce long-distance transportation of food in favor of a hyper-local food system

  • to employ workers who share the aim of food-system reform

  • and to talk about the importance of locally-grown vegetables for the health of the body, the community, the the climate, and the earth.

We grow 50 types of vegetables in Ashton, Maryland, on five plots ranging in size from 2000 square feet to 2 acres. Our harvest is available at three weekly markets (see “CONTACT”) and also through our online store (see “SHOP”) and through the FreshonTable mobile app.


Meet the Farmers



Tom grew up in Brookeville in an old farmhouse with chickens, pigs, and a big vegetable garden. As a member of the 4-H Sheep and Swine Club, he viewed the Montgomery County Fair as the highlight of summer. Working at Tusculum Farm during his high school and college years, he gained a deeper appreciation for farmers and farm life. After a 40-year career in education, he returned to Montgomery County to establish Sandy Spring Gardens in 2017.



Emily moved to Takoma Park from her home in Indiana after completing her college studies in Environmental Science. She has performed environmental research in New Zealand and agricultural research on Indiana farms.  At Sandy Spring Gardens she manages the Crop Plan and the planting schedule, and looks for ways to make farming practices more efficient.

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Averi has lived in Bethesda, except when she was away for her college studies in Ohio and Australia. She majored in sociology, with a focus on environmental design. She has worked farms in New Zealand and with Project EATS, an urban farm in New York City.  She oversees our farm’s marketing communications and web-presence and design, in addition to performing the variety of tasks associated with farm production.